An Irish woman whose private photos were published on a website for prostitutes has received permission to take a civil case against it’s U.S. operators.

Hilary Carmichael, the legal representative for the Antrim woman, who hasn’t been named, has lodged a writ complaint against the woman’s former partner for the misuse of the photographs, according to BBC News. Court papers show that four pictures of the woman appeared on the website which advertises prostitution services.

The case will be brought against the U.S. registered company which operated in Belize.The woman claims the company is guilty of libel and malicious falsehood against her.

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Carmichael, said: "She is saying that she never consented to the publication of her photographs. She contacted the website whenever she realized that her photographs were on it and requested that the material be removed. But they still remained on the website.

“On the website, the plaintiff is depicted as a prostitute and/or a sex worker and we are saying that the defendant has profited as a result of the publication to which our client did not give consent."

The photos were taken by the woman’s ex-partner while they were dating.

"They were posted maliciously by her ex-partner. The plaintiff reported the incident to the police who informed her there was not much they could do," Carmichael added.

The High Court has granted leave to serve out of jurisdiction proceedings on a defendant with a New York address.