A leading Irish commentator Marc Coleman, economics editor for Newstalk and a columnist for  the Irish Independent, has claimed that there is a major anti-Romney bias in the Irish media.

His comments come after a recent Gallup International poll showed 98 per cent of Irish would vote for Obama and an Irish Times poll showed 79 per cent in favor of Obama.

In his column for the Irish Independent this week, Coleman takes issue with the Irish ‘cheerleaders’ rooting for Obama in the upcoming presidential election where he’ll be facing off with Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

In the column, Coleman writes that “Obama and his cheerleaders live in an economically illiterate world where Ireland's loss is America's gain.”

Coleman states, “Some weeks ago Noel Whelan (Irish Times columnist) correctly and bravely identified the slant in the Irish media towards Obama and the Democrats in coverage of the US election. And towards their main economist cheerleader Paul Krugman.

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“The Democrats -- who gave America segregation, corrupt Tammany Hall politics and the Vietnam War -- are, according to this narrative, nice, enlightened and competent. The Republicans -- who created jobs for our emigrants in the Eighties, facilitated foreign investment in Ireland and freed the world from totalitarian rule -- are greedy, backward and stupid.

.”...Like the Krugman groupies in the media, the groupies of Obamagroupthink ignore how Democrats used their control of the Senate since 2006 to double US debt (resulting in a derisory growth spurt). The nightmare of sub-prime mortgages is also a creation of the Democrats.”

Coleman continued, “The facile caricature by our media of Obamaas the hero and Romney as the demon is beyond childish. Obama'sshallowness toward us -- he only came here for votes -- was shown by his ... ambiguity over his origins: in Ireland, he had his Moneygall ancestor. But when he spoke to the Westminster parliament, that ancestor became English.

“But the really serious point is this: Ireland supports 70,000 jobs in the US. But Obama sees only the 135,000 jobs created by American companies here. And he wants to bring them back to the US. But for an economy of just 4.6 million people, we create far more jobs per capita in the US than vice versa.

Obama and his cheerleaders live in an economically illiterate world where Ireland's loss is America's gain. This idiocy plunged Europe into darkness in the Thirties.”

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