For critics of Congressman Anthony Weiner, every day has become a waiting game. After even President Obama felt compelled to weigh in on the congressman's travails, the question on everyone's lips is will he resign or not?

Most people understand the president was delivering a strong hint. So it's simply not known why Weiner has decided to hang on - at least for the foreseeable future.

Some suggest Weiner believes that with a stint in rehab treatment and America's short attention span, he could reinstate himself eventually in the public eye. He may also be counting on the support of his local constituents, which all the polls argue he can.

Should he choose to brazen it out, would there still be any point? Some critics say that having lost the support of his colleagues and even the president, Weiner's ability to serve as an effective member of Congress is in doubt.


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But the thing is, Weiner was a Democratic rock star before the scandal broke, in fact he was a leading contender for mayor of New York City, and his accomplished wife is a close friend and colleague of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Observers say that all of that significance may be hard to give up over a relatively minor sex scandal, whose details - although titillating - are apparently not illegal.

Critics say the drive and ambition that drove him to become a congressman and a mayoral candidate may also be the thing blinding him to the suggestion that his time has come.