Congressman Anthony Weiner has apologized to Bill Clinton over the ongoing ‘sexting’ scandal, as the former President had officiated at his wedding to his wife Huma Abedin last July.

Weiner admitted on Monday to sending explicit images and messages to a number of women online. After initially denying the accusations the New York representative finally came clean.

His wife, Abedin is the current deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the recently married couple were very close to the Clinton family. The 35-year-old began her career as an intern in the Clinton White House.

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During the couple’s wedding, Abedin was toasted by Chelsea Clinton as being like a sister to her.

People close to the Clinton aide told the Wall Street Journal that she is a notoriously private person who did not want to get involved in the public element of her husband’s career

With his political career in jeopardy, the congressman has been making calls to his colleagues, apologizing for sending the raunchy text messages.

So far none of his House colleagues have come to his defense, while Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics probe into the incident, to determine whether the representative broke house rules.

Former President Bill Clinton with New York Representative Anthony Weiner at Queens College.William Miller