The Irish serial killer Larry Murphy, who is suspected of murdering New Yorker, Annie McCarrick, was held in a padded cell in two prisons in Ireland it has been revealed.
Just weeks ago it emerged that the dangerous rapist and murdered would be released from Irish prison early, at the beginning of August.
The killer, who was found strangling a Carlow woman having beaten and raped her repeatedly, refused to undergo psychological treatment in prison. It has also been revealed that Murphy’s family never visited him over his ten years spent in prison.
The Irish police believe that he was involved in the disappearance of at least six other women in Ireland during the 90s, including Long Islander, Annie McCarrick, along with Irish women Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacob.
Annie McCarrick went missing in 1993 outside a bar in Wicklow. Her body has never been found and Murphy remains a prime suspect in her case.
Murphy has refused to help the police with any of these investigations.
Fine Gael’s new justice spokesperson, Alan Shatter has demanded that Murphy not be released and that the public should be protector from predators such as Murphy.
He said psychopaths like Murphy should be listed on the sex offenders list, be electronically tagged fro a year and not be released without receiving specialized treatment.
Murphy will be released into Irish society on August 13 and Shatter is adamant that the Irish public be made aware of his whereabouts.
According to prison staff Murphy was filled with emotional turmoil although he seems poised and cold on the exterior. Staff at the Cloverhill jail said that he had spent time in padded cells during the beginning of his incarceration.
Having been charged with 15 years in jail for the attempted murder, kidnapping and repeated rape of a Carlow woman in the hill of County Wicklow Murphy collapsed in court.
After his early days of emotional outbursts in prison he served his time a model prisoner building furniture for charities, staff and inmates.
Staff at Mountjoy prison, Dublin, recall that Murphy was such a good craftsman he was contracted out to do work.
“He was working with a firm contracted to do work here…He hung doors and did other carpentry work in the officers' mess,” prison guards told the Evening Herald. All the while Murphy was receiving no counseling or evaluations.
Throughout his time in jail he remained a loner an had few visitors except his brother Tom. He has not seen his wife, child or ever met his son born after his incarceration.
The guards said “He has not befriended any prisoner but is in every way an exemplary prisoner. He communicates well with a number of staff”
Though the prison staff seem to feel Murphy is a model prison TD Alan Shatter is insistent that treatment for sexual, violent and dangerous offenders such as Murphy should be mandatory.
He also asked that new legislation similar to that in the United States be introduced in Ireland. Shatter asked that the same system as Florida be brought in. In Florida the state will actually distribute the addresses of sexual offenders as well as having them available online.