Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and British Prime Minister David Cameron exchanged angry words right before the Northern Irish peace talks broke down the Irish Times has revealed.

Cameron and Irish leader Enda Kenny walked away from the talks after an economic package they put together was rejected by all the Northern Irish parties.

“Gerry Adams accused Enda Kenny and David Cameron of being ‘amateurish’ and ‘ham-fisted’ in the negotiations,” explained one of the participants, to the Irish Times. 

“Cameron responded by saying something like, ‘What would you know about it; you only just joined the talks after 85 hours of talks.”

The departure of the Irish and British leaders caused shock in Northern Irish political circles where round the clock negotiations are common as deadlines loom.

“It might not be what they are used to, but if there isn’t a deal to be done, he is not going to hang about,” a Downing Street source said of Mr Cameron’s departure.

Kenny and Cameron had presented an 18-page proposed draft agreement covering the areas of disagreement but the package did not contain enough financial guarantees to satisfy any side.

“Without a credible financial package, progress is impossible,” Deputy First  Minister Martin McGuinness said.

But a Downing Street source stated. “The days of easy money are over, people have to realize this.”