Angry Birds the massively successful cell phone game will likely move their world headquarters to Dublin from Finland the company Chief Executive has stated.

The game has been downloaded by over a billion people last year and the Rovio group is anxious to capitalize on Ireland’s low tax rate, 12.5 percent compared to Finland’s 24 percent says CEO Mikael Hed.

He told the Irish Times that Rovio employs 400 people in Finland and that Ireland could also end up manufacturing the game and other new games they have created.

“The Irish authorities have been very active and we have been promoting that. We are considering it. It is something that we need to look at. For now we have stayed in Finland. But it is on top of our minds.”

“If we did make that decision then it would be a natural thing to do to have some production [in Ireland] also.”

British leader David Cameron, Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber and Conan O’Brien are known to be Angry Birds fans and play the game regularly
Rovio’s turnover grew to $100 million from just $2 million two years ago.

Rovio is also influenced by the fact that major giants such as Google and Facebook are already located in Ireland to take advantage of the tax regime there.

A movie may also be in the works.

“We have an aspiration to have an Angry Birds film made, but we don’t have anything to announce,” said the CEO.