The former Anglo Irish Bank is to apply to have Peter Darragh Quinn extradited from Northern Ireland to face his jail sentence in the Republic.

The Sunday Independent newspaper reports that the bankrupt bank will seek to have Quinn, nephew of failed billionaire Sean Quinn, charged with perjury and arrested at his home in Fermanagh.

Quinn has vowed never to cross the border again after failing to turn up in court when he was sentenced to three months in prison for contempt along with his cousin Sean Jr.

If he is charged with perjury – a criminal offence – police in the Republic can ask their northern counterparts to arrest him and extradite him.

The chief executive of the former Anglo Irish Bank has also accused Sean Quinn and his brother Peter of being ‘economical’ with the truth in recent press interviews.

Mike Aynsley responded to criticism of his bank from the Quinns in an interview with the Sunday Independent.

He said: “I don’t want to say anything about the court process. But what I will say is that both Sean Quinn and his brother Peter, over the course of the last few days, have been somewhat economical with the truth in the interviews they gave.”

Sources close to the Quinns rebuffed the Aynsley claims and told the paper: “Mike Aynsley is saying Sean and Peter are being economical with the truth.

“He would want to go back and check the court documents, because it’s all in there.

“The Quinns met with Mike Aynsley last September about the Univermag in the Ukraine, looking for their help. Their view was, ‘You were trying to move this asset beyond our reach and now someone else is taking it off you and you want our help? Away with you now if you think that’s going to happen.’

“That’s what Peter Quinn Sr was referring to in his interview with Shannonside Radio last week, when he said his son had tried to talk to Anglo but they ignored him.”

Public opinion supports the court action against the Quinns according to a poll undertaken for the Sunday Independent.

The report says that the poll of 500 people nationwide -including 71 in Cavan/Monaghan - found that only 15 per cent believed Sean Quinn Sr when he said that he, his son and nephew had not tried to put assets beyond the control of the IBRC after a High Court order that they should not do so.

A massive 85 percent did not believe him.

In Cavan/Monaghan, a third believed Quinn Sr while 66 percent did not.

Only 15 percent believed Quinn Sr when he said there was nothing more that they could do to recover assets in Russia and the Ukraine for the IBRC while 85 percent did not believe him.

In Cavan/Monaghan, 31 percent believed that the three Quinns had done everything they could to recover the assets, while 69 percent did not believe Mr Quinn’s assertion.

Peter Darragh Quinn