America's Voice has urged Lou Dobbs to run for President.

That's right! America's Voice, the immigration advocacy group is backing Dobbs "the immigration propagandist" for President.

Frank Sharry, executive director, says Dobbs should meet a fitting fate.

“I so hope that Lou Dobbs runs for President. Because if he does, he will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of other nativist candidates who ran for President," said Sharry.

"First, there was Pat Buchanan, who won less than 1 percent of the popular vote in 2000. Then there was Tom Tancredo, who was trounced in the Republican primaries in 2008. My guess is that Dobbs will do slightly worse than his two trailblazing buddies.”

Sharry was speaking after reports surfaced that former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs was planning a run for president?

Yes, apparently Dobbs is "reaching out" to Latino groups to try and get their support for a possible 2012 presidential run.

As you can imagine, the idea is meeting with well, howls of laughter.

"I'm reaching out to Latino groups...all the people whom I have been in an ongoing debate, to try to...find solutions," Dobbs told WTOP radio in Washington.

But Dobbs' views on immigration have so alienated us immigrants that he's going to find it a very tough sell.

Lisa Navarrette, vice president of La Raza, a consistent target of Dobbs' attacks laughed off the idea of Dobbs for President.

"All we can say is “Buena suerte with that, Lou',” she said.

And speaking of Lou Dobbs, America's Voice has also released a special Thanksgiving e-card celebrating the fact that his resignation means there's "one less turkey on the airwaves."

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