An American travel website poll has found that Prince Harry is considered sexier by American women than Colin Farrell.

conducted a poll among its American readers to find out which personalities were top of their list when it comes to sexiest nationality.

They asked 30,741 American women which nationalities they found sexiest and Irish came up second. The ladies of America chose Dublin star Colin Farrell as the “famous face” second only to the cheeky rogue Prince Harry and the British. Not a bad place to be when you’re ahead of Justin Timberlake and Alexander Skarsgard.

This is better news for the Irish male, especially after a recently released poll by ranked Irish men among the world’s ugliest while Irish women ranked in among the top ten prettiest.

The Irish lads were bound to be in with a chance as 47 percent of women said the most attractive thing about a foreigner is their accent.

MissTravel suggests, “When you limit yourself to dating domestically, depending on where you live, that could mean you are only dated like-minded, similar looking people. But when you realize that there are a whole world of single people out there, the possibilities become endless and exciting.”

The travel site also surveyed 13,259 single American men. Their top choices included Shakira, from Columbia, Jennifer Lawrence, from the US, and Frenchwoman Eva Green.

Here are their complete lists. Do you agree?

The Top Ten Sexiest Nationalities for Men:

British            Famous Face: Prince Harry

Irish               Famous Face: Colin Farrell

Brazilian        Famous Face: Rodrigo Santoro

Swedish        Famous Face: Alexander Skarsgard

American      Famous Face: Justin Timberlake

Spanish        Famous Face: Antonio Banderas

Scottish          Famous Face: Gerard Butler

French           Famous Face: Olivier Martinez

Greek             Famous Face: Christian Alexander

Puerto Rican  Famous Face: Ramón Rodríguez

The Top Ten Sexiest Nationalities for Women:

Colombian     Famous Face: Shakira

Brazilian        Famous Face: Camila Alves

American      Famous Face: Jennifer Lawrence

Spanish        Famous Face: Penelope Cruz

Russian        Famous Face: Anne Vyalitsyna

Dutch           Famous Face: Famke Janssen

French         Famous Face: Eva Green

Bulgarian     Famous Face: Nina Dobrev

Swedish       Famous Face: Malin Akerman

Italian           Famous Face: Carla Bruni

Ooh la la! Ireland beats France for sexiest accent thanks to Colin FarrellKathy Hutchins