Move over Notre Dame and get ready Dublin, the Lingerie Football League is coming your way.

The Daily Edge reports that the Lingerie Football League (LFL), a uniquely American invention by millionaire Mitch Mortaza, is set to branch out into Europe in 2014. Cities that will welcome the LFL include Dublin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rhein, and Manchester.

The justification for the European league is that the LFL “has prospered beyond the US borders consistently picking up new international broadcasters and vast audiences.”

The LFL first began when Mortaza dreamt up the event that would run as a pay-per-view offering during halftime of the Super Bowl in 2003. It spawned a league in 2009, and has apparently grown ever since.

Lingerie Football is played by two opposing teams of seven women for two 17-minute halves. The women are decked out, or lack thereof, in lingerie, shoulder pads, knee pads and clear plastic visors in lieu of helmets.

Currently, matches are aired in the US on MTV2. The American league is divided into two conferences, Eastern and Western, and consists of twelve teams.

The forthcoming European LFL teams will play each other, with the champion being named during the Lingerie Football League World Bowl.  No word yet on where in Dublin LFL matches would take place.

Here’s a promo from the 2012 Lingerie Football Bowl in February: