This morning, Lindsey Russell set out to run across the Irish Sea in a big inflatable barrel, known as a zorb.Sport Relief

This morning, at 6:30 am, BBC presenter Lindsey Russell set off on a run.

This wasn’t your average morning jog, however. Lindsey’s mission was to run 20 miles across the Irish Sea, from Donaghadee beach in Northern Ireland to the shores of Portpatrick in Scotland.

There wasn’t any sorcery at work, nor any miracles; simply Lindsey’s own strength and a giant inflatable barrel, known as a “zorb.”

Russell had spent many hours training for her grueling 14-hour challenge, which she undertook in support of Sport Relief, the big athletic fundraising event from BBC Sport and the charity Comic Relief.

The zorb is aptly named Bobby.

Unfortunately, Lindsey was forced to abandon her mission only a few hours in due to perilous weather conditions.

Sport Relief still applauded her bravery and commitment to their cause, stating "Lindsey's Sport Relief challenge was always going to be incredibly hard and zorbing many miles across the Irish Channel is a huge achievement. Whilst we were, in the end, defeated by the weather, we're incredibly proud of Lindsey and her efforts. Blue Peter [Lindsey’s BBC show] is all about giving it a go and getting stuck in which is exactly what she did today.”

Well done, Lindsey!