Irish-American actor Alec Baldwin dabbled in political commentating on Tuesday when he appeared on ‘The Last Word,’ Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC show. Baldwin had a few choice words for GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Said Baldwin about the current GOP: “These guys are getting scared. They know that it's not looking good for them. And I think they're sensing now that they're really going to focus on the congressional races and Obama - it's starting to look like he has it in the bag."

Baldwin also compared GOP presidential candidate Romney to Bush by saying this time around is the same as “The old Bush scenario where he couldn't tell people how much half-a-gallon of milk was.”

"Romney is as out of touch with the average American,” Baldwin went on, “as we coud possibly find on the meter today. In terms of being in touch with the average American, we'd be better off with Gingrich than we would with Romney—in terms of his personal wealth and his attitude about lifestyle and such."

Baldwin, a clear and vocal supporter of incumbent Barack Obama, praised the current president’s surprise visit to Afghanistan this week, where in particular Obama spoke of peace in the Middle East. He compared the instance to the number of Republican debates that were held this election season by saying that he never heard the word “peace” mentioned as a topic. Baldwin did add that he is a supporter, Republican or Democratic, of anyone working towards peace.

What do you think of Baldwin commentating on politics? Could his appearance have been a precursor for more speaking engagements?

Check out the video from MSNBC here:

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