The Irish authorities have released their annual list of weapons seized by customs officers – including an AK-47 machine gun.

The yearly report from the Revenue Commissioners says that almost 600 illegal and dangerous weapons were seized in 2012.

Top of the list was an AK-47 along with a sub-machine gun, ninja-style throwing stars and samurai swords.

The Irish Times reports that officers made 165 seizures up to mid-December with 596 weapons prevented from reaching the streets.

The story says the most deadly haul was recovered in May and included the AK-47 assault rifle and sub-machine gun, an automatic rifle, a bolt-action rifle, a pistol and three magazines of ammunition.

The lethal cache was imported from Germany and was valued over $1500.

War game weapons worth over $8,000 imported from Hong Kong were also seized.

The report says that these airsoft style guns are not illegal in Ireland but agents selling weapons have enforced a tagging system supported by Government to monitor the replica guns used.

Military memorabilia was also seized including a Browning 50mm machine gun, rifles known as K-98, Ross and Valmet, a Mauser semi-automatic, a Webley and Scott revolver, a Webley MK1V and associated extras such as tripod stands.

Unusual seizures included a sword concealed in a black walking stick, a modified silencer and a pair of sabre claws, as featured in The Chronicles Of Riddick film starring Vin Diesel.

Illegal knives, such as flick, stiletto and butterfly knives, machetes, samurai and katana swords and a Gurkha sword from India were seized.

The list also includes 40 lasers, 20 Taser-style weapons, 37 stun guns and more than 30 signal and mobile phone jammers and two boxes of meat cleavers.

A police gun haulGoogle Images