Aer Lingus helped save the day for a group of American college football players who had lost out on trip arrangements after their travel agent, Offsite Productions, filed for bankruptcy. The New England Ironmen, who lost out on $50,000 worth of travel arrangements, were able to fly to Dublin this week after Aer Lingus donated seats, and other locals donated money.

FOX News Boston reports that with Offsite Productions filing for bankruptcy, the group of Division III collegiate football players, were left mostly “high and dry” in terms of flights and lodging that had all been paid for already. The team, called the New England Ironmen, were flying to Dublin to play Trinity College in an exhibition game.

However, a chance viewing by an Aer Lingus employee of the initial story on FOX in Boston got the ball rolling to help out the struggling football players.

Aer Lingus national sales manager Jeff Wright caught wind of the story from one of his employees and knew that he had to help. Aer Lingus donated the remaining thirty seats needed on the flight to Dublin - totalling in $35,000 - to the players.

“It just proves that there are good people in the world and we thank you very much,” said David Fimiani, who is both a parent of a player and the trip’s organizer. He added that dozens of others also dug into their own pockets to help cover other expenses, such as ground transport and lodging.

The New England Ironmen will now get to play in their exhibition game, thanks in part to donations from Aer Lingus, on Saturday in Dublin, Ireland.

Check out the FOX News Boston coverage of the story  here:

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