The dispute between Aer Lingus officials and cabin crew over work practices, which has been the source of widespread disruption over the last two weeks, has ended.

The trade union Impact, which represents the workers, announced yesterday that industrial action was suspended, and the company intends to restore its members to the payroll for normal duties.

Impact said that practically all of the issues of disagreement had been resolved by the two parties during the talks. However, they added that final arbitration was required in order to complete the process, which is expected to be complete in the coming days.

It said both parties had signed up to "industrial peace."

“Impact always believed that a negotiated or arbitrated settlement was possible and we are almost there,” said a union spokesman.

“We want to see cabin crew quickly back on the payroll and working, and we look forward to the final arbitration outcome in the next few days.

“This has been a difficult time for cabin crew, who have found themselves off the payroll and in disciplinary procedures despite reporting for work and showing their willingness to keep aircraft flying. But they have shown great determination.

“This and the support of their union, their families, their colleagues and others means we are now close to a satisfactory outcome.”

Director of Human Resources at Aer Lingus Michael Grealy confirmed staff would return to work with immediate effect.

The company apologized to customers for any inconvenience in a statement released yesterday afternoon.

“This may take a number of days and we will be in touch directly with our passengers through email and SMS should there any changes to flight times,” the statement added.

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