Monica Lewinsky should have profited more from her relationships with Bill Clinton, the ex-mistress of former Irish prime minister (taoiseach) Bertie Ahern has announced.

Celia Larkin, who dated Bertie Ahern for about 16 years,  complained Lewinsky didn’t capitalize on her brand, according to today’s Irish Mail on Sunday.

“She should have opened a sex shop or a sexy underwear shop,” Larkin explained to an audience at a class on public presentation in the Mail report.  “Imagine Monica Lewinsky’s sexy underwear shop – it’d be huge,” Larkin continued.

“The dollar is king in the United States so she would have gained huge respectability by building a business.”

Larkin is giving a course in Dublin called “Look Good, Feel Great!” in which she teaches women “to rediscover their inner and outer beauty, focusing on nutrition, skincare, make-up, basic grooming and developing personal style.”

She told the women that the secret of success is branding. “Your branding will affect everything you do, where you socialize and with whom,” said the woman who herself socialized with Fianna Fail high-ups for more than a decade. Larkin also obtained a position as board member on the National Consumer Agency through Ahern’s influence, according to the Mail.

And she had more advice to give, not just for Lewinsky this time but for women in general. “Become one of the elite with your knowledge, your education or just purely your life experience,” she said.

Monica Lewinsky should have opened a sex shop, says Ahern's ex.