Adam Clayton’s personal assistant bought a New York apartment with money stolen from the U2 bass player.

The Dublin court currently trying Carol Hawkins for embezzlement has heard details of the property transaction.

Hawkins, a 48-year-old former housekeeper and personal assistant to the star, is accused of robbing over $3.5million from Clayton.

The money was taken from Clayton’s bank accounts over a four year period as Hawkins enjoyed the high life.

Part of the proceeds were used to buy a $465,000 condominium at Rector Place in New York.

The deal was paid by bank draft just three days after Hawkins had allegedly transferred money Clayton’s account into hers.

Hawkins has pleaded not guilty to all 181 counts of theft from two accounts.

Detective Martha Coyle, of the Garda (police) Bureau of Fraud Investigation told the Dublin Criminal Court that she seized a number of documents from Hawkins’ home.

The documents included closing statements for the purchase of the apartment, a letter from a New York attorney detailing the purchase and deeds for the apartment, naming Hawkins as the owner.

Evidence of a paper trail for the money stolen from the bank account was produced in court including a US dollar bank draft made payable to an attorney in New York in the amount of $425,000 along with evidence of a similar draft for $46,000, the deposit for the property.

The detective also produced an affidavit from Hawkins stating that she was the registered owner of the apartment in Rector Place, New York.

The court also heard Hawkins’s son Joe, then resident in America, and daughter Eleanor were authorised users of her credit card.

Clayton is expected to give evidence later in the week according to the Irish Independent newspaper.

Police allege that Carol Hawkins (left) helped herself to the huge sums of money between 2004 and 2008 before Adam Clayton (right) noticed it was missing.The Irish Sun