Irish American actress Anjelica Huston has written a letter to New York City Councilwoman Christine Quinn urging a ban on horse-drawn carriages.

Many of the carriage owners in Central Park are from Ireland and are battling animal rights groups to keep their job.

The 'Smash' star wrote the letter on March 1 on behalf of PETA in support of Intro 86A, legislation to gradually phase-out the carriages and replace them with environmentally-sound classic cars, reports the NY Daily News.

“It’s surprising to me,” wrote Huston, “that a city known for its progressive spirit still allows this cruel and dangerous tourist trap.

“Several accidents over the past few months highlight the immense safety hazard and lack of regulation of this industry,” the letter continued.

“At the end of 2011, within just a couple of weeks, two horses collapsed in the middle of traffic and one nearly hit several taxis on 59th Street.”

She added: “Trading in horse-drawn carriages for eco-friendly cars is a responsible way to modernize the industry while keeping that Old World New York charm and creating alternate jobs for horse-drawn carriage operators.”

The Oscar-winning star joins 'Glee' star Lea Michele and ex-'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson in supporting the initiative.

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