Star of “Cheers” and “Natural Born Killer” Woody Harrelson has settled a lawsuit in Ireland over an assault in a Dublin nightclub. The man claimed that Harrelson hit him with a snooker cue.

The factory worker, Eamon Cullen, sue Harrelson for the assault that took place in Renards, in Dublin’s city center, according to reports in The Sun.

Although no figure has been revealed. The source said a settlement had been agreed on and the court case settled ahead of the High Court hearing.

Cullen claims that Harrelson attacked him with a snooker cue over a row about a spilled drink in 2001. He needed 12 stitches.

Harrelson attempted to have the case thrown out last month after an 11 year delay in bringing it to court. His lawyer told the court that the action ”may not trouble the court in the event of certain matters occurring.”

The actor has admitted that he was out with artists Guggi and Gavin Friday on the night of the incident but what occurred will now never be known.

On Monday, David Nolan SC, Cullen’s lawyer, told Ms Justice Mary Irvine the case had been settled and could be struck out with no order, with any previous orders also set aside.

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