It’s no news that Westboro Baptist Church is an organization of lunatics who are hell bent on promoting hate and prejudice within America today, but they may have outdone themselves with their latest stunt.

The so-called Church, who believes the 26 deaths in Newtown were “God’s will,” had planned to picket some of the funerals for those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary last week.

On Monday, Niall Boylan of Ireland’s Late FM radio show interviewed Abigail Phelps, the daughter of the Church’s founder Fred Phelps. Not surprisingly, Abi Phelps made outrageous comments while speaking with Boylan, asserting that the Connecticut tragedy only occurred because the state had legalized gay marriage.

She made time to take a few outrageous jabs at Ireland, as well, proving that Phelps believes that not only America is doomed, but apparently the whole world is as well.

In the interview, she likens herself and her WBC cohorts to the Apostles, and how their opinion was far from popular during their time.

WBC’s primary goal appears to be to save people from themselves in the name of the Lord. However, they take special focus - in the most contorted angles possible - on targeting individual groups who ‘sympathize’ with homosexuality.

“We are preaching to the living, it is the living who are to blame for those dead,” declared Phelps while speaking with Boylan on his radio show on Monday night. WBC believes that the shooter was sent to Sandy Hook by God himself as a form of punishment to those who accept and support homosexuality.

WBC also points to the Virginia Tech shooting, the Columbine shooting, the Tucson shooting and more as part of God’s will - all which is elaborated upon in the short video “God Sent the Shooter,” which will not be posted here, but Phelps repeatedly shares on her Twitter feed.

Phelps told Boylan that she was “delighted” when she heard about the 26 deaths in Newtown, that it was all part of God’s will.

“So you’re telling me this was God’s will to kill 26 people?” asked Boylan.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” responded Phelps. “And you know as well as I do that Ireland was founded on the premise of a sovereign God.”

Boylan asked Phelps if she was proud of the fact that she was part of the most hated family in America, which Phelps not surprisingly was.

“And hopefully, the most hated family in Ireland,” Phelps added, “because you’re all a bunch of knuckle-draggin’, potato-eatin’ perverts.”

Phelps sure knows how to win over her audience!

All in all, Phelps’ rambling is insane.

“Abi, do you ever listen to yourself and see how vile and how much hatred is coming out of your mouth?”

“Do you mean that I have now become your enemy because I have told you the truth?”

“You’re nobody’s enemy except your own. You’re actually your own enemy,” said Boylan.

Bravo to Boylan to remaining as calm, cool and collected as one sane person could during such a conversation.

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WBC is now reportedly in Connecticut preparing to picket the wakes and funerals of those who died at Sandy Hook.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, another member of WBC and the Phelps founding family, tweeted on December 15th saying, “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.” (Her Twitter account has since been suspended for reasons unknown.)

Besides making a fool of herself on international radio, Abigail Phelps also took to Twitter to continue to promote her twisted views.

On December 17th, the same day as her interview with Boylan, Phelps tweeted, “While h8rs(Haters) h8 I'm getting picket signs ready for the fun of Sandy Hook princ. In Woodbury CT, 12/19/12 wants me telling "U R 2 Blame 4 it!" Here, Phelps manages to display both her loss of grip on reality, as well as the English language.

She tweeted later on the same day, following her interview with Boylan:

“They are pissed in Dublin, right now, just because I tell them some truth re: Priests Rape Boys - too bad, so sad.”

“It seems there might be a little lamb in Dublin, Ireland as I just spent 1.5 hours talking with them - they are "agnostics" and such - H8rs!”

Following a tweet from hacker group Anonymous (whose account has also since been suspended), it was made public that WBC is reportedly at the Hartford Motel 6 already preparing for their despicable display at the wakes and funerals being held this week.

Should anyone happen to be in the area, WBC is reportedly staying at “Motel 6 Hartford - 625 Queen Street in Southington. Rooms 34 and 16,” according to Abi Phelps’ own Twitter account.

Listen to the audio of Niall Boylan’s chat with Abi Phelps here:

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