Rupert Murdoch's men hacked into Gerry Adams' phone too - Adams visa conversation published in London Sunday Times

The Guardian’s latest revelation that The Sunday Times among other Murdoch publications, hacked into phone calls as well leads me to believe I took part in one of those conversations.

In January 1994 complete details of a conversation I had with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams were reported some of it verbatim in the London Sunday Times owned by Murdoch.

Clearly someone was hacking or wiretapping the phone of Gerry Adams.

Was it you Rupert?

Exclusive: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" interview - VIDEOS

When the final Harry Potter film adventure opens on Friday, the rival forces of the wizarding world will meet for an all out war where no one and nothing is safe. It’s the motion picture event of the year, and the epic series is going out with a bang. CAHIR O’DOHERTY sees the film and meets the stars and the director as the beloved series reaches its final reel. Read more...

Dolphin dies in arms of distraught Irish fisherman - VIDEO

A dolphin that had enthralled crowds on the banks of the River Lee in Cork has died after it was caught in a fisherman’s net.

Distraught angler Anthony Quilligan explained how the dolphin died in his arms on Tuesday after it became entangled in his salmon net. Read more...

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Attractions and activities to make your vacation extra special for the kids

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 New Irish church inquiry slams former Bishop John Magee -- Says secetary to three popes refused to act on pedophile priests

The disgraced Bishop of Cloyne in Cork John Magee is heavily criticised in a report today for refusing to follow guidleines laid out by the Catholic Church in regards to abusive priests.

The report issued by the Irish government finds that 19 priests in his diocese were accused of abuse over a 13 year period from January 1996 to February 2009. Read more...

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