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‘Jesus had two Dads’ poster in Dublin set to cause outrage

A controversial poster claiming “Jesus had two Dads” will appear on Dublin transport today to highlight the continuing campaign for gay marriage.

The gay rights group Noise, a group campaigning for marriage equality for same-sex couples, is launching the new poster campaign on Dublin city public transport this Monday....READ MORE

Patrick Roberts: Top Ten reasons Donald Trump should be president

The Top Ten reasons Donald Trump should be president

1. Can change name of White House to "Trump House, formerly known as the White House"

2. Air Force One becomes Air Force Don...READ MORE

IrishCentral's top ten Irish hunks over 50 - PHOTOS

Just in time for Easter, IrishCentral has composed a list of Hibernian hotties. From the Hollywood stars like Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan, to renowned rockers like Bono, readers may be surprised to hear that these dapper men are beyond the age of 50....READ MORE

Many more distressed property auctions to be held

Distressed property auctions are to become the norm in post Celtic Tiger Ireland according to the trend-setting British auction house responsible for the country’s first fire sale.

Bowled over by the success of last Friday’s auction in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel, the Allsop group now plans to stage up to five distressed property auctions a year...READ MORE

HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ transforms Northern Ireland landscape

Most of HBO’s newest drama “Game of Thrones” was filmed in Northern Ireland and later transferred into convincing winter scenes.

In the new series based on George RR Martin’s medieval world it is always winter in the frozen north, which is protected by The Wall, which is made from a barricade of ice manned by the
Night’s Watch. In contrast the south is home to the King’s Landing and is sunny and warm....READ MORE