Connemara Mining has been granted licenses to prospect for both gold and zinc around Ireland and are zeroing in on Co. Donegal. The company recently secured five licenses which grant access to thousands of acres on the Inishowen peninsula in Co. Donegal for gold and zinc prospecting.

Connemara Mining was quick to buy up prospecting licenses after a 2013 Tellus Border survey uncovered signs of extractable and valuable metals in the region. Chairman John Teeling said getting the Inishowen licenses “furthers the aggressive stance we are taking in discovering Ireland’s next gold deposit.”

Connemara Mining has amassed nearly 30 prospecting licenses for regions all over Ireland and is hoping to beat competitors like Conroy Gold, and be the first to discover a large gold deposit in some time.

Conroy Gold has announced plans to set up Ireland’s first commercial gold mine at Clontibret in Co. Monaghan. They intend to tap into a reported 30-mile-long gold seam ranging from Co. Armagh to Co. Cavan.

Connemara Mining plans to move ahead in the Donegal area, a perceived prospect for, “high grade gold mineralization.” The area contains the Glentogher lead and silver mine which dates back to the late 18th century.

Connemara has said they are going to begin prospecting “in the coming days” and expect results by July.