From the tragic deaths of Natasha Richardson and Ted Kennedy to the stratospheric rise of Susan Boyle to the secret meetings of the world's richest men, IrishCentral was first on the scene. 

So here we present our top 12 stories since we began this site on March 14 in order of page views;

Tragic death of Natasha Richardson 
We were the first to report that Natasha Richardson,wife of Irish actor Liam Neeson, had been tragically injured in a ski accident in Canada and was being treated for a serious brain injury. Soon the rest of the world was reporting the story too.

New head coach for Notre Dame
We were also first to report that the new coach of Notre Dame would be Brian Kelly of Cincinnati. Our story also got huge play on the sporting blogs and in newspapers.

Secret Meeting of billionaires in New York
When Warren Buffet,Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates got together in New York it was a secret to everyone except which reported it before anyone else.

How to get an Irish passport
Perhaps the most surprising 'hit' article of the year --How to get an Irish passport has been a huge success as it is obviously of great importance to millions of Irish Americans.

Bono snubs George Bush
Bono told a British interviewer that he snubbed George Bush at an event and was congratulated for doing so by then Senator Obama. We were first to carry the story in America

Susan Boyle has Irish roots
The new singing sensation had barely exploded on the scene when we were able to trace her Irish background, through her mother Bridget's Donegal roots

20,000 flock to world Irish dance championship
The biggest Irish event of the year was the world Irish dance championships in Philadelphia. Irishcentral was there to cover all the action

10 worst Irish accents in Hollywood movies
Too much faith in the begorrah factor has resulted in many very bad movies about Ireland.We discovered the ten worst Irish accents .

The top 10 Irish romantic places
Lovers of the Irish countryside and great halls were happy to see their favorite places described.

Best Irish albums of the decade
Who and what were the best Irish albums and bands in both Irish America and Ireland in 2010? Thousands voted for their favorites.

Ted Kennedy receives last rites
As he lay dying an Irish priest gave Ted Kennedy his final rites as his family gathered. Again an Irish Central exclusive.

Liam Clancy's farewell and sad goodbye
Irish folk legend Liam Clancy passed from the scene and we published the final interview that he gave to our sister publication Irish America magazine.