A County Mayo bull named Benjy is facing the slaughterhouse because his farmer believes the bull is gay.

Benjy is a healthy breeding bull that has proved useless to the farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Co. Mayo farmer bought the pedigree Charolais bull last year, and was recently disappointed to find that none of his heifers were carrying calves, despite Benjy’s presence.

“Benjy had already been tested and everything was normal, so it became apparent that the problem lay elsewhere,” the farmer told the Daily Mail. He says he is resigned to the bull’s sexuality.

“At first I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay but after seeking advice I know this can happen.”

He initially thought Benjy was just a “discreet chappie” who preferred not to be “doing the business in public.” But upon closer observation he found that Benjy appeared to be interested in chasing around the other bulls instead.

Benjy is now facing the slaughterhouse, as his owner had to find a replacement breeding bull.

“[Benjy] is now too old to castrate and turn into a bullock so I will keep him for the factory,” he said.

The replacement bull has since successfully inseminated a number of the farmer’s cows.


 After catching wind of the story, University of Leeds student Charlie Smith created a petition called "Save Benjy the Bull," which she hopes will reach 1,000 sigatures. A student of broadcast journalism, Charlie has a great interest in animal welfare and LGBT rights, and hosts a weekly LGBT news show on her university's station.

The petition currently has 89 sigatures; when it reaches 1,000, she will send it to the agricultural sector of the Irish government. Click here to sign Charlie's petition.