READ MORE- President Obama may only stay in Ireland for five hours

Some 71 percent of readers think U.S. President  Barack Obama would insult the people of Ireland and Irish Americans, if he only stays five hours in the country.

Only 21 percent say that he is such a busy man that he needs to leave Ireland after a brief stopover.

Our poll was taken by over 1,000 readers after we revealed that early White House scheduling has Obama staying only five hours before departing for England on May 23rd.

One White House staffer described  it as a ”hot minute” stay in Ireland, a quick thank you to Ambassador Dan Rooney, the former Pittsburgh Steelers owner who supported Obama for president in the key state of Pennsylvania 

Irish government sources are also said to be dismayed and are hoping that a revised schedule will see him stay at least 24 hours in the Emerald Isle.

Right now he will arrive in Dublin and attend some official functions and then fly to Moneygall, his ancestral village, by helicopter and then fly on to London where he has a state visit planned.

Most Irish Americans polled in the survey felt that Ireland deserved more than a photo op.

Reader reaction was typified by a poster called Burr Robson who wrote

“Obama's trip is nothing but a photo op.”

However, McNamara 31 diasgreed

"Obama is a good president and a good man. I do hope he can spend a bit more time...But be sure if he does, they will just rip him apart here in the states for that also.”

READ MORE- President Obama may only stay in Ireland for five hours