It has been revealed that up to 50 Irish campaigners will join a second aid flotilla to Gaza, organized by a coalition of pro-Palestinian supporters.

The flotilla, made up of seven groups, aims to bring public figures, members of the media and activists to Gaza in late fall. This is the second attempt to breach the four year-long blockade of Gaza.

Doctor Fintan Lane, is the Irish national coordinator of the campaign and was part of the first flotilla which attempted to bring aid to Gaza, in May of this year. He said that organizers in Ireland were attempting to mobilize goodwill throughout Ireland toward the people of Gaza.

He said "It is important that we show our solidarity with the people there. It is not enough to care - we must act.

"We believe that Irish people will contribute generously towards this effort to break the siege.

"The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is appalling and entirely man-made. Israel could end this tomorrow by lifting its illegal siege."

The group, the Irish Ship to Gaza Campaign, is being overseen by the Free Gaza Movement, IHH (Turkey) and the European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza.

An Irish ship, the Rachel Corrie, named for an American activist who died protesting against Israel, was part of the first flotilla. The Irish ship was boarded and seized by the Israeli navy. During the military operation, boarding the flotilla's ships, nine activists lost their lives and hundreds were deported from Israel.

Ten to 15 boats will repeat this trip in the fall. The ships come from Britain, the United States, Canada and continental Europe. The flotilla is expected to set sail in late October or early November. Fundraising will take place of the coming months.

Rachel Corrie, part of the first flotilla, being boarded by Israeli Defense Forces