Ireland may have outlawed abortion but it has not prevented Irish women from pursuing them when they make that choice. In fact the latest figures conclude that twelve Irish women are traveling to the UK for abortions every day.

The new figures released by the Irish family planning association show that 4,500 women travelled from Ireland to Britain for terminations in 2010. In 2001, the figure was 6,600.

Doctor Stephanie O’Keeffe, the Acting Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Program, told the press this week the numbers may seem high, but in fact it’s the ninth year in a row the figures have actually decreased.

O'Keefe told "The numbers are actually very low by international standards. We have been bucking the trend compared to other countries, where abortion numbers and rates have been increasing."


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Overall 4,149 females travelled to England and Wales for abortions last year from IrelandGetty Images