The Irish government is in for some sticker shock: the estimated cost of the security operation to protect the Queen and President Barack Obama when they visit the Republic later this month will reach almost €30m ($43 million dollars).

Extra funding for the eye popping price tag was requested by the Republic’s Departments of Justice, Foreign Affairs and Defense, but the final total will probably not be known until both visits conclude.

"At this stage it is not possible to say specifically how much expenditure will be involved and the full costs will not be known until after the visits have taken place," Justice Minister Alan Shatter told the Belfast Telegraph this week.

"While the financial requirements will undoubtedly be significant, the safety of the Queen and the President will be the paramount considerations involved for the police and the state,"Shatter added.

Senior security sources told the Belfast Telegraph that up to 7,500 people will be involved in the security plan, including  police, military personnel and civilian employees.

Security planning for the two state visits has been under way for more than 12 months, it has been revealed.

Queen Elizabeth II and President Obama