Up to 300 horses are being slaughtered in Ireland every week in order to feed a growing appetite for their meat across Europe, according to reports.

In recent times, the slaughtering of horses has become more popular due to the economic downfall, particularly across Europe.

Due to the effects of the recession in Ireland, the cost of rearing thoroughbreds became unaffordable for many horse owners, and many have had to give up their horses for slaughter. Ireland which was once known as a “horse country, ” and is famous for its thoroughbred racehorses, now has six horse meat processing plants across the country.

Pat Hayes of Ossary Meats in Co Offaly recently told the Irish Daily Mail, “There is quite a considerable market right across the EU. The standard is very high and if they meet these standards you have the customers.”


300 horse slaughtered in Ireland monthly to be eaten around Europe