An investigation into the suicide of Phoebe Prince, believed to have been caused by school bullies, has reached out to 30 teenagers who were involved in or witnessed the tormenting of the 15-year-old Irish girl. 

Prince, who tragically took her own life on January 14, moved temporally from Ireland to South Hadley, Massachusetts and was enrolled in South Hadley high school last September. 

Prince didn't settle into her new school and after going on a date with a senior football player, the bullying started. 

Not only was Phoebe verbally tortured in the school corridors, she was also bullied via text messages to her cell phone and harassing messages were left on her Facebook page. 

According to the Herald, the teenagers suspected of hurdling abuse at the Irish girl are refusing to cooperate with an internal school investigation, on the recommendation of their lawyers. 

“There have been in our investigation some kids on their family’s - or family’s lawyer’s - recommendation that have not spoken to us,” Edward Boisselle, chairman of the South Hadley School Committee, told the Boston Herald. 

However, Boisselle said the school is determined to complete its investigation by the end of the week and dole out "severe" punishment where appropriate. 

“We have evidence that can be corroborated by more than one kid,” Boisselle said.

Northwestern District Attorney's office told Irish Central that an investigation is still pending into Prince's death and no charges have yet been brought forward. 

100 parents attended a meeting of the town’s Board of Selectmen on Tuesday night to highlight the need for punishment to be administrated to the students at South Hadley who bullied Phoebe.

Boisselle apologized for what "appears to be delays, sweeping this under the rug."

"It's a process. It's not an easy investigation," he said. 

Phoebe, who was born in Bedford, England but moved to Co. Clare when she was two, spent most of her life there.

Last summer Phoebe relocated to South Hadley with her mother, Anne O’Brien-Prince, and sisters Lauren, Tessa and Bridget and brother Simon, so she could, according to her family, “experience America and be near her family in Massachusetts.”

Tragic: Irish teenager Phoebe Prince who was bullied at high school in MA