Two hundred Irish senior civil servants will earn in excess of €200,000 ($266,000) this year .

A Freedom of Information request  also shows that 15 public servants claim a salary of over €100,000 ($132,000) for leadership positions in obscure agencies such as the Private Residential Tenancies Board, Affordable Homes Partnership, and the Housing Finance Agency.

However,a senior official has stated that cutting salaries of top civil servants will hurt Ireland in the future.

Reduction in salaries for public service jobs could act as a deterrent for attracting the most talented leaders of the future, says former Anglo Irish Bank board member Tony O’Brien.

O’Brien, who is also chair pf Higher Public Servants' Remuneration Committee, is concerned that the potential financial rewards of the private sector will trump the more stringent public salary restrictions in the post Celtic Tiger landscape.

O’Brien told the Irish Independent that the difference in earning power may attract “second-division" talent to public service roles as the most qualified and ambitious candidates will head to the private sector, which will reward them with far more lucrative salary and benefit packages.

Currently, the wage bill for the courts, Health Service Executive and universities tops €50m ($66m). The Department of Finance recently disclosed details of some of the wages earned by certain leaders in the public service positions after a Freedom of Information request was made.

Here are the wages of some of the big earners in the Irish public service:

Frank Gannon - Science Foundation Ireland - €259,698 ($345,000)

Fred Barry- National Roads Authority - €257,692 ($342,000) (not including bonus)

Michael Murphy - UCC President  - €232,151 ($308,000) (not including extras)

Brendan Drumm - HSE  - €322,113 ($428,000) (not including extras)

John Murray - Chief Justice - €295,916 ($393,000)

John Buckley- Comptroller and Auditor-General - €215,590 ($286,000)

Josephine Feehily - Chairwoman of the Revenue Commissioners - €215,590 ($286,000)