A 14 year old boy has died at his home in Dublin following a shooting incident.

The boy’s mother called emergency services after she found her son lying on the floor of their home in Woodford Terrace, Clondalkin at 10:15pm on March 19. He was rushed to Tallaght Hospital where his condition was initially described as critical. He passed away in the morning of March 20 from sustained gunshot wounds.

On March 19, police discovered a licensed firearm, which they believe was used in the shooting. They are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

The Irish Independent reported that a senior officer said, “At this early stage in our inquires, we are treating this case as a tragic incident and do not believe there was any foul play.” Another member added, “This is an appalling tragedy and we are not looking for anyone else.”

Police are handling the case as a tragic incident. Neighbors expressed shock about the tragedy. One said: “I heard about it but I am not sure exactly what happened.”

Experts at the technical bureau at the police headquarters in Phoenix Park will conduct ballistic tests on the firearm found in the Dublin home. Officers were also examining a note found at the scene. Officers closed off the area where the shooting took place and technical officers conducted a full examination during the morning of March 20.

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