Bullying between children has always existed but back in the good old days, before the advent of social media and instant messaging, unless the schoolyard bullies wanted to ring the landline in your home and talk to one of your parents first, there was little or no means of them contacting you once you walked through the front door.

Thanks to the internet this is all changed, however, and a new breed of bullying now exists via Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and countless other social applications.

Cyberbullying is a massive problem and the extent to which it has infiltrated our daily lives is obvious when reading through the comments section on many websites (this site included).

To combat the growing problem, a brave 13-year-old Irish boy, Luke Culhane, created this powerful video, sharing his own experience at the hands of cyberbullies.

Throughout the two and a half minute film, the young YouTuber is shown receiving insults over various platforms on his phone, each of which causes him a further physical injury.

The poignant piece highlights the unseen damage that can be caused to a person’s well-being because of abuse they receive online and this extremely talented young filmmaker really drives home the message of thinking before you send something hurtful or offensive.

Released last week on the eve of Safe Internet Day on February 9, this wise beyond his years young lad has certainly given us all something to think about.

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