The Faddan More Psalter, an ornate 1,200-year-old prayer book found by chance in a County Tipperary bog in 2006, finally went on public display in Dublin yesterday.

The book was reportedly used by Irish monks for praying and for teaching in the 8th Century.

The ancient prayer book, called a psalter, was unearthed by a turf cutter in the Faddan Mor bog in County Tipperary in July 2006.

Yesterday the priceless book went on on display for the first time in the exhibition: 'The Treasury: Celtic and Early Christian Ireland' at the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street in the city center.

Museum director Dr Pat Wallace told The Journal: 'I am honored that an object as unique as the Faddan More Psalter is going on display during my time as Director.'

All of the conservation work on the psalter took place in the National Museum's own laboratories. Experts believe the papyrus-lined cover of the book is clear evidence of close contact between Ireland and the Mediterranean region well over one thousand years ago.