Eastern Europe will soon be receiving a reprieve from the historically devastating cold front they have been dealing with recently. To date, 112 people have died across Eastern Europe as a result of the heavy snow and subzero temperatures that have rocked the area.

Senior Meteorologist for AccuWeather.com, Kristina Pydynowski, reported on the record-breaking weather conditions around Europe. Topping out the most frigid of temperatures was Boryspil in the Ukraine which dipped all the way down to 27 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit.

The extreme cold will retain its grip from Siberia to Poland and other surrounding countries throughout tonight. However, the extreme weather should be moving out by Friday night when the conditions shouldn’t be as harsh, with even more relief to come over the weekend.

The reprieve will only be slight though, reports Pydynowski. “Unseasonably chilly air will continue to flow throughout Europe next week, but will fail to produce a repeat of this week's extreme temperatures.”
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The Associated Press is reporting 112 lives have been lost due to the weather in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia. The majority of those who have died in Poland and the Ukraine were homeless. A staggering 950 Ukranians were hospitalized after they had symptoms of hypothermia.

Ireland could soon be feeling the effects of the massive European cold front over the weekend as well, though certainly not to the extent that other European nations have grappled with.

The Evening Herald reports that snow is expected in Ireland over the weekend, putting a drastic end to the country’s unseasonably warm weather they’ve had of late.

Though spring officially began yesterday February 1st in Ireland, snow storms are expected this weekend. The Herald predicts that temperatures will “plummet to -5C and the country is going to be battered with rain, sleet and even snow in parts.”

The Associated Press is reporting 112 lives lost due to the weather in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and RussiaGoogle Images