Builders have discovered a small Viking settlement under Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. The settlement was located on what was an island in the River Poddle.

In March the CEO of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust, Dermot McLaughlin, announced via video blog that a "medieval, timber structure" had been found.

Two weeks ago the Viking homes were discovered during excavations. Experts believe that this settlement dates from the 10th or 11th century when the small medieval river, the Poddle, ran through the area.

Archaeologists have also found pieces of pottery artifacts from a later date.
The builders were planning to build four retractable umbrellas in the square to be used during outdoor events. The umbrellas were being constructed in preparation for the celebration of Temple Bar's 20th anniversary on July 15th to 24th.

These celebrations are now being postponed. The square is used all year round to host farmer's markets, cinema events, workshops and music events.