As part of his final wishes a resident of Lewes, Delaware, arranged to have $10,000 dropped from a helicopter into the carpark of Irish Eyes pub and the Angler’s Marina.

Del Walsh, the son of Angler’s Marina owner James B. Walsh, told the Cape Gazette that the man behind this generous stunt was Leonard Maull.

Walsh said, “I’ve known him my whole life.”

Maull, who died about a year ago, was a resident of Lewes and operated Henlopen Bait and Tackle on Savannah Road. According to Maull's trustee, accountant Bill Berry, his client left the request in his trust.

He ordered that one year after his death on a Saturday during the summer that $10,000 be dropped over the Marina.

Berry said, “It was his money, and I figured he could do what he wanted to do with it.

“I would’ve never thought Leonard would do anything like this,” he said.

Walsh found $40 in the nearby marsh on August 18, the day after the big drop. He said there was still money to be found.

The bartender at Irish Eyes, John Siddons, witnessed the big drop. He told the local news, WBOC16, that the money scattered into the woods and water and the locals followed.

“People were swimming through the canal," Siddons said.

“Boats coming in, scooping it up with nets. 50s, 20s, 10s, 5s - whatever they could get. It was pretty crazy."

The locals at the Irish pub, located in at the marina on the southern tip of the Delaware Bay, where in shock.

The police were on the scene but there was no fighting or arguing. However two local boat owners were sent to hospital with minor injuries.

Local news reported that some people grabbed up to $700. One of the Irish Eyes bar staff Kara Miele nabbed $170.

Bill Swords, who witnessed the amazing moment, made sure he took photos. He said, “I wanted to get some pictures to show some people.

“Because nobody believes you when you tell them there was literally $10,000 dropped from the sky.”

Miele said, “Nobody really knew what was happening until it happened.

“And once the commotion of it all – like all – You could see that they were yelling that it was money and then everyone knew it was money. And then the customers ran over and we ran over. Nobody was like fighting with each other for it but everyone was just scrambling trying to grab everything they could.”

"This is probably the most exciting things that has happened here I assume," she said. "It was just so fast - you know."

Here’s the video report:


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