I have just learned that Susan Boyle's debut album is already at No. 2 in Amazon pre-order  sales and is likely to be number one in the next twenty four hours.

The incredible pre sales is the talk of Boyle's fan sites and they are rightly congratulating themselves for their support of the Scottish songstress.

I predict her fans will make her CD the best selling record of 2009. I feel that strongly about her fan base and their commitment to her.
So many critics warned that Susan Boyle was a one hit wonder, a flash in the pan whose fame would fade as soon as her turn on 'Britain's Got Talent' was over.

Wrong and wrong again.Instead, a star was born. The pride and prejudice of know-all cynics was never going to stop her. I have written in this column previously that Susan has the capacity to be the next Celine Dion, the type of international star who can fill huge venues all over the world.

Boyle has the voice, the powerful magnetic presence and the back story to become a worldwide star.

The reaction to her first CD - so far not even released but rocketing to the top yet shows the power of her story - and her talent.

She speaks for millions who have long felt outside the mainstream when it comes to what popular culture is supposed to be.

She proves its not all about sex and no satisfaction, but rather about old world charm, a calm religious sensibility, a wonderful down-to-earth quality and a dream that never dies.

In other words the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from our celebrity-obsessed star-crossed culture. Her album will be a massive hit and force an entire rethink of what she has accomplished.

It is a little like the first ever reality show 'Survivor,' which created an entire new genre even after critics had panned it.

Susan is a survivor too and she is owed this success after an uphill life. Yes, Simon Cowell and others have helped along the way, but in the end Susan walked alone.

Now she'll never walk alone again.

Well done fans.

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