The small Irish village Barack Obama calls home is ready to share the US President with the rest of the country.

President Obama promised to return to Ireland after receiving his Irish Heritage certificate at Tuesday’s state function in the White House.

The Offaly parish of Moneygall welcomed President Obama back to his ancestral homeland last summer.

And the village’s second most famous son says he has no problem sharing the love when President Obama returns.

Obama’s world famous cousin Henry Healy said his native Co Offaly village would even encourage the President to visit other parts of Ireland.

“We would welcome him back to Moneygall but we’d also encourage the president to visit the many wonderful sites we have in our country,” Healy told the Irish Independent.

“Moneygall will be ready if the president decides to put us on as a stop but we won’t be upset if we aren’t as we had a unique visit that we won’t ever forget and we don’t mind sharing our ancestral son with the rest of the country.”