You've probably heard of Peaches Geldof before, and now we’ll introduce you to her equally (fill in the blank according to your preference) baby sister Pixie! Yes, Sir Bob Geldof, bless him, fathered not one but two publicity-seeking teens who for some reason (i.e., their last name) have taken London society by storm. Pixie, 18, is making a name for herself these days as a star model at the recently concluded London Fashion Week, and for her general fabulousness – that is, if you define fabulous as partying until the wee hours, doing so in the company of other anointed “fabulous” gals who like to pout for the paparazzi. Sir Bob seems to be quite enamored of his Pixie, as he and Peaches had front row seats to one of her shows and beamed as she tottered up the catwalk. And don’t say the Geldof Girls don’t look out for one another – Pixie modeled for some label called PPQ, for which Peaches toils as a “guest” designer. Then they made the scene at some music awards event last week, where the tabloids made note that Peaches, who’s had drug issues in her young past, requested an alcohol free table. Only 19 and so sensible! Speaking of Peaches, who’s also crammed a busted marriage to an American musician into her less than two decades on Earth, she made a big deal out of moving to New York last year to study at NYU, but, surprise, surprise, that hasn’t really worked out, and reports say she’s homesick. “Peaches has had a good time in New York but wants to move back to London in the summer,” a source told the Daily Mail. “She will spend time in New York but London will be her home.”