Colin Farrell's ex is set to spill the beans on the silver screen.

Farrell's former flame, Londoner Emma Forrest, has put their relationship and break-up into a film called "Liars (A-E)."

The couple met through Martin McDonagh who directed "In Bruges" which won Farrell his first Golden Globe this year.

Forrest is credited with helping Farrell clean up his act and the couple were together for 12 months.

However, they broke up shortly after the Golden Globe win.

Sources said Forrest was furious when Farrell neglected to thank her during his acceptance speech.

A source said: "He would not introduce her to his family. She was also upset that he didn’t thank her at the Golden Globe Awards."

Now, her film is set to reveal just want went on in their relationship and the break-up.

Forrest says she wrote "Liars (A-E)" in a three-day frenzy after her romance with Farrell hit the rocks.

"It came like a fever dream. I was afraid to stop writing because I was so afraid to lose it," she said.

"Liars (A-E)" has already been picked up by legendary Oscar-winning producer Scott Rudin and Miramax.

Rudin, who produced the 2008 mega-hits "No Country for Old Men and "There Will be Blood," is set to have another box office smash on his hands.

I would wager that every single Farrell fan - myself included - will be lining up to see this particular film!