Sharon Osbourne: Trash-talking Sharon must be feeling jealous to lash out at Susan Boyle

What on earth was Sharon Osbourne thinking when she ripped into Susan Boyle on the Opie and Anthony show?

Actually, maybe a better question is 'What was she thinking with?"

It's hard to believe that she was actually using any part of her brain when she launched into a nasty personal attack on Susan Boyle calling her, among other things, a "slapped ass" and a "hairy a**hole."

Of course, the buffoons known as Opie and Anthony egged her along but I wouldn't expect anything less from these idiotic wannabe shock jocks.

They're the pair who couldn't see anything wrong with egging on a couple to have sex in a vestibule in St Patrick's Cathedral.

These three people deserve each other.

Here's a woman who took well-publicized affront to another woman calling her husband Ozzie Osbourne "brain dead" on a show called "Rock of Love Charm School."

Actually, it wasn't so much an affront, more an absolute attack on Megan, the woman on the receiving end. 

Megan is carted off by security - presumably to rescue her from Sharon's clutches - and Sharon starts growling that she won't stand for people attacking her family.

And yet she's happy to heap humiliation on someone else?

Susan Boyle has gone from obscurity to fame in sensational fashion, while people like Sharon Osbourne are left watching from the sidelines.

It must be hard for people who desperately crave media attention in the way Sharon does.

All those makevoers, all that grooming, all that effort, and then some unknown woman from some unknown place in Scotland steals all the limelight.

No wonder Sharon's pissed.

Maybe she should get together with Amos and Andy or whatever their names are and do another Sex for Sam show from another Cathedral.

I kind of suspect the three of them would do anything for the publicity.

Fact of the matter is that Susan's got talent. Sharon doesn't.