The Guinness Webstore is the perfect place to go present shopping for a loved one or maybe even to treat yourself! 

From Guinness chocolate, fudge and luxury preserves to their ornate ornaments for your Christmas tree, to classic Guinness games for fun at home with family and friends, the Guinness Webstore has everything you need.

Why not check out their new range of Guinness beer bread mix? Savor the rich flavor of Guinness stout in an aromatic and flavorful golden bread. Enjoy with sweet jam, honey butter, or a perfect pint of Guinness for an experience that is truly made of more. 

Or why not try their popular Guinness coffee? A versatile blend, the ‘Guinness 232 coffee’ is perfect for any of your favorite coffee drinks from Filter, Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte, creating a bittersweet coffee almost identical to Guinness in appearance.

During the roasting of this unique and distinctive Guinness coffee blend, special adjustments have been made to the coffee roast profile, briefly increasing the temperature to 232ºC, which is exactly the same temperature as the barley is roasted at when brewing Guinness (Guinness 232 coffee contains no alcohol).

You can shop all these products and more on The Guinness Webstore, where you will find a wide range of official Guinness merchandise.

If you can’t decide what to get or need help deciding, reach out to their dedicated team who are happy to help you decide, via their live chat on the Guinness Webstore or send them an email at

The Guinness Webstore is run by The James Trading Group who have been the distributor of Irish goods in the US and Canada since 1989. Based in New York, they provide a wide range of products.

The James Trading Group specializes in high-quality products and are the official licensee of the Guinness Official Merchandise, Waltons Irish Instruments, Neiphin Peaks, Official Queer Eye Merchandise, Olann, Simply Birch and more.

For more information or to speak to someone in James Trading Group call 914 345 1550 or email You can also follow them on Facebook and Pinterest