A prospective garda has been suspended from An Garda Síochána's training program after it was discovered he had taken part in an adult film.

The young man in question was filmed with other men and women and participated with a woman in scenes of an explicit sexual nature.

The adult film was made approximately ten years ago, long before he applied to join An Garda Síochána.

According to RTE, the garda hopeful was in his late teens at the time.

While it is not illegal in Ireland for consulting adults to appear in a pornographic film, the man has been removed from the traineeship as he did not disclose his participation in the film during the application process.

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Garda Headquarters confirmed the man's suspension from Templemore's Garda College, but maintained that they would not be commenting further on the matter.

"A Trainee Garda has been suspended pending the outcome of an inquiry.

"An Garda Síochána does not comment on the detail of internal disciplinary matters and will not be commenting any further at this time," a spokesperson said.

An internal inquiry has been launched to examine all aspects of the case, including possible illegal activities, associations with criminals, and susceptibility to blackmail.

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The man's suitability for a role with An Garda Síochána will also be determined.

It is the second incident of a garda trainee being suspended from Templemore College in recent months.

In April, a man resigned after it was discovered he had taken part in a sham marriage in order to gain residency in Ireland.

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