Why not go ‘green’ this Christmas with the ultimate Irish gift?

A gift that celebrates your ancestry, reclaims a piece of your Irish heritage, and makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the Emerald Isle’s landscape.

With prices starting at just $50 you can become an Irish landowner with Emerald Heritage, a 100% legal and fully authenticated souvenir piece of land that can be passed onto future generations.

You are welcome to visit your land at any time, and to use the courtesy title Squireen [an old Irish term for landowner] on utility bills …or maybe just to have some craic with colleagues and friends.

Perhaps most important, by purchasing a plot this Christmas you will play a vital part in preserving and protecting this ancestral homeland. In a marked contrast to its Emerald Isle moniker, Ireland is now the most deforested country in Europe with just 1% of our native trees left standing.

Emerald Heritage’s goal, with your help, is to fight back. Every plot sold, every tree planted, breathes new life into a landscape battling centuries of neglect.


Emerald Heritage also has the antidote to another festive headache.

With the focus so close to home it’s the time of year when we think about, and reflect on, those loved ones who are no longer with us.

Sometimes, though, we want to do more than just reflect. We want to find a way of expressing that, although gone, they’re definitely not forgotten.

This Christmas Emerald Heritage has also introduced optional 4-foot square and 9-foot square packages, the latter a fitting way to remember anyone with an affinity for the Old Country.

Possessing the same ownership rights as the one-foot square packages (like passing it on to future generations), big brother’s additional benefits include Emerald Heritage planting a tree on your behalf (with the help of our partners The Northern Ireland Heritage Trust).

That potent symbol, representing life after death, is a tangible and lasting tribute that those future generations may even come and visit.

Just like the one-foot plots, the land is situated in the glorious Glens Of Antrim, a region renowned for championing all aspects of Irish culture, from the Gaelic language to sport, dance and traditional music.

So if you’re proud of your Irish heritage, or know someone who is, why not go ‘green’ this Christmas and buy them the perfect Irish gift?

For further details check out www.emerald-heritage.com.