The news that Hillary Clinton will visit Northern Ireland, officially released today, is a vindication for Irish Central.
When we broke this story some months back we were accused of making it up and naysayers claimed there was no foundation.
No fewer than two august scribes in the Irish Times - you know who you are - pooh-poohed the story. One even went so far as to call it a "silly season stunt."
They even tried to denigrate the story that Hillary would appoint a special economic envoy for Northern Ireland.
That misread was blown away recently with the appointment of Declan Kelly as Hillary's person on Ireland.
The notion that Hillary Clinton would in any way downplay Northern Ireland was never a runner.
Who's smiling now?
We are delighted to be first with the news and to bring it to our readers before anyone else.
We are sorry others rely on innuendo and poor reporting to manufacture fake story lines.