As in real life, a minimum of safety awareness is encouraged when using any  Internet resource.  here are some simple guidelines for your online saftey:

Keep your personal information safe

Here on IrishCentral our site software offers a profile option and an account option, where you can enter some personal information that allows other users to know a bit more about you. However, please bear in mind that this profile and account is meant to provide some background to your posts and views, not specific information that allows other users to identify you. Giving out your full name, home address, or phone number is not recommended, neither is providing the name of your workplace or place of study. If you share any information about yourself online, it could be collected and used by third parties to send you unsolicited materials.

Your email address

There are obvious dangers of giving out your address or phone number online; please also be careful when it comes to providing your email address to other users.  If you chose to do so, think twice before opening emails from strangers, especially emails with attachments; these may transmit virus' or other harmful files.

Meeting people offline

When talking to other users on the this website or any website, remember that it is very easy for people to pretend to be someone they're not. We recommend that you do not meet other users offline.
If you do decide to go ahead and meet up with them, please follow the following advice:

  1. Get a friend to accompany you.
  2. Always tell someone you trust about where, when and who you are seeing.
  3. Have someone call you during the meeting to ensure all's well.  And you ring them when you get home.
  4. Always meet in a public place, preferably of your choice.

Receiving uncomfortable or abusive messages

If you receive an unpleasant message, whether it is on this site, by Private Message, or email, do not respond to it.

You may also report the instance(s) by following the relevant reporting procedure. The way in which we need you to report the abuse depends on how it was transmitted to you: if it was emailed to you please forward the email to with your comments; if it was visible on the website please use the Report abuse link.  Once received the IrishCentral staff will investigate and take the appropriate action.

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