Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute hosted two fantastic online events with an array of excellent speakers on Friday, May 7, 2021.

This special centenary joint symposium addressed the cultural, political and social legacies of the Irish partition, in 1921. The symposium consisted of two panels (see below): the first, from Trinity College, Dublin, discussed the cultural and literary legacies of partition; the second, from Queen’s University, Belfast, covered the political and social consequences. 

Each speaker presented for ten minutes and each, followed by audience Q and A.

The first panel titled  "Partition and its Legacies: Cultural and Literary Legacies" was chaired by Ciaran O'Neill and speakers included Stephen O’Neill, Guy Woodward, and Eve Patten. 

The second panel titled "Partition: Political and Social Legacies" was held straight afterward. It was chaired by Cheryl Lawther and speakers included Gladys Ganiel, Katy Hayward, and Olwen Purdue. 

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* Originally published on Apr 28, 2021.